P A R K I N G   S E N S O R S
Parking sensors can be installed to the front and rear of the vehicle.  Systems can be installed with a warning buzzer or an LED display and the sensors can be colour coded to give the factory fitted look.  Paint is mixed in house using the manufacturers paint code to enable a perfect match.
Before Installation
This picture shows the vehicle before the parking sensors are fitted.

Sensors are primed
The parking sensors are sprayed with primer to ensure a good paint finish.

Paint is mixed
The paint is mixed in house with the same method as a bodyshop would employ using the manufacturers paint code to get an exact match.

Painted (colour coded)
The sensors are then painted using the colour coded paint that was mixed in the step above.

The sensors are then sprayed with lacquer for durability and to match the vehicle.

The finished job
The bumper is then measured and holes are cut for the sensors.  The sensors are connected and the job is complete.  The perfect factory look!